One hand, different styles

When it comes to painting, I am still looking for myself. One and half years of experience ranks me as a pure beginner, so I need to work on basic techniques and test various supplies.

According to the comments on my personal art challenge I agree to see a tendency towards illustrations. I have a lot of ideas, most of which are stopped by lack of skills.

A great example from the past few days is a painting of lantern. Immediately, I imagined a scene from an old fairy tale, which I listened to as a child. The story tells about daily life of beetles that fly with lanterns to bring the light to people at night. Because of audio version I had no pictorial prejudices.

Full of joy, I sketched the basic idea on a scrap paper easily. Then I produced a problem in my head – mainly because of figural drawings. Although I reduced the number of beetles from five to three, the result lacks the poetics and simple lightness of the original sketch. Painted in watercolor with black liner and with the final touch by colored pencils.

Conclusion – I need more practice with figural drawings and courage to do it. My wise inner voice adds – maybe start with simple silhouettes like in the sketch, don’t push yourself into a real figural drawing. They won’t look real anyway.

In the shadow of Campanula

I made this drawing with silhouettes a few years ago by colored pencils only, maybe it looks better than actual beetles with lantern, what do you think?

There are also two of non-figural painting, covering topics of my personal challenge – document and butterfly. In these dark days I couldn’t paint a summer butterfly, so I decided for a night moth, specifically army green moth. I took a reference photo from wikipedia, hopefully it is free to use.

I would appreciate your comments, especially on the figural drawing. Some advice how to combine my lack of skills and experience with my desire to paint all the ideas and imaginations I have?

Thanks for reading and stopping by!

With love and hugs,


12 thoughts on “One hand, different styles

  1. I love the lamp painting, Ivana. I think you have an admirable understanding of light and shadow, which you’ve brought forth beautifully in both your watercolor and pencil works.

    If you’d like to practice your figures more, would it help to work on them by themselves at first, without backgrounds or other context to distract? That said, you’re skilled enough to determine what you’d like to concentrate on, so I’m sure however you choose to address it will help you learn, in one way or another. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Anita! Your points of view are always beneficial and make me think (what I love).
      I am still learning how to work with light and shadow, but this is much more fun than to practice figural drawing :- )
      And you are right – practicing figural drawing solo, nothing will distract me. Also, it would be mentally easier for me to destroy bad attempts and let frustration flow 🙂
      Thanks, Anita! Stay well and have a nice weekend!

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  2. Love the moth.
    i think figures are really difficult maybe find an illustrator you like the style of and try to imitate them (just to learn obviously) maybe some have youtube videos or classes you could look at or stop videos at poses and positions you like and draw them.

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    1. Thanks!! Stopping video sounds good! Easy and effective 🙂 I even bought a wooden model for drawing figures. As long as I sketch it for myself, it looks acceptable., Not really well, but acceptable. At the moment, I want to create a picture (not only sketch), something gets stuck. I need to find a way how to be more relaxed when drawing figures, then the practice could brings results.
      I will keep practicing anyway! Including your tips, for which I am grateful. Thanks again 🙂

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  3. I see, too, that your art is very illustrative and in great colors.
    I think no subject is more difficult or easier, it’s just like you mentioned, the internal control.
    Just like with any other drawing, figure drawing will depend whether you are trying to draw realistic, imagined, fashion, fairy-tale, etc. figure. I taught for half a year figure drawing to adults, and some eventually got fairly good results, but progress was slow. Well, there are certain principles to observe and to apply. Like the central axis on which you place heads, and then according to position and movement, we add proportionally adjusted limbs and so on.
    For illustrative figures what you added to this post, you’re doing fine.
    I like the style and colors, subject, too. The best way to get where you want is keep doing it in your personal style, and just draw and draw, and eventually you understand what should be added or removed. Too much emphasis is on instruction and tutorials, yet, the result is you and how you see the subject.
    Everything is great!

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  4. Thanks! I’m glad you have exactly such intentions.
    I’ve been watching how people learn and perfect their skills over quite a few decades, and basically, it all comes down to what a particular person does on their own and how willing they are to experiment.
    The positive side of this all is that you have established a style, and your choice of medium and subject will make it more visible.
    All the best!

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  5. With your wooden model, practice, practice, practice. Try dressing it up with doll clothes. Try contour drawing from life using your family and friends as models. Contour drawing doesn’t usually create accurate drawings but helps greatly with observation.

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    1. Thanks Irene! With the wooden model I have a problem – I usually assemble its limbs into unrealistic positions. Living people are much better :- ) I will keep practicing in any way. Thanks for encouragement!!!


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