Painting digital

As I become more and more involved in the digital world, using the mouse and touchpad has been disappointingly imprecise for my increasing demands. And because I’m not going to give up just yet, I decided to buy a drawing tablet and open a whole new chapter.

Although I only have a small tablet without a display, it has quickly become my cyber-pet. We spend a lot of time together and learn from each other. I feel more freedom in drawing, but I still haven’t found my way of painting or coloring.  Also, it seems I have underestimated the PC requirements. Despite being relatively new, it is woefully slow on graphics. And that slows down my progress and reduces my enthusiasm.

For today I have three completely different results from my digital experiments using variations of the painting technique. I would appreciate your comments and recommendations as I am lost in many internet tutorials that do not match what I am looking for. Which is mainly a way of coloring the hand drawings, so it doesn’t look too digital. I realize how crazy that sounds.

For now, I’m using a layering of semi-transparent layers or a watercolor texture, both followed by clipping. I keep looking for other ways.

Thank you for reading, commenting, supporting and recommending.

With love and hugs,



Between worlds

The field of fabric design made me stuck between the analog and digital worlds.

I love to hold a pencil or a brush, touch the paper and perceive the process of creation with all my senses. However, the desire to show off to friends made it necessary to scan. And when I wanted to create a fabric pattern, much more was needed.

Being happy from the “crazy faces” fabric and jacket, the next path was clear to me. I will continue drawing and painting as before, scan the final images and then assemble them into a pattern on the computer. If I learn how to use graphics tools better, it can’t be that hard, right?

I put effort and time into this method, but I still ran into some limits, mostly because of resolution and file size. Look and judge.

Colored pencils origin:

Watercolor origin:

Because I wasn’t satisfied enough, I tried to create simple things digitally. The first success was the mandala, which I presented in one of the previous posts. Unfortunately, it was also the last success for a long time.

I realized that drawing and painting digitally is a completely different discipline that requires a change in mindset. I seriously doubt I can do it. Despite the fact that digital creation never attracted me.

Look at my early attempts.

Something inside tells me it’s too soon to give up and the desire to create fabric design is still strong. I would like to find a way to combine the best of both worlds and still be myself.

Be sure I will keep you updated on progress. In the meantime, I welcome your comments and recommendations.

Love and hugs,


Obsessed with fabric design

Having my own patterned jacket meant a milestone on my path to the world of fabric design. Since then, I have been deeply dived there.

Apart of ordinary life I tried to be more familiar with the computer graphic tools and was looking for new inspirations and possibilities. No wonder I discovered the Spoonflower platform soon. There is so many fabulous designs and creative people who make them! Additionally, there is the option of printing on cotton materials, which I have missed so far.

Of course, certain rules must be followed, and ordering samples of your own designs is one of them.  So, I selected a few patterns and a few cotton materials, paid, and waited. Waited, waited, and waited. The order itself was printed within a week, but delivery from the U.S. to the small country in the middle of Europe took almost a month!

Except of the delivery time, I was happy with what I received. My obsession became deeper, my passion to create and get more as well.

I know, that looking at a picture is not the same as touching the fabric. However, I would like to share the experience, so I scanned the fabric samples and here they are.

Crazy faces on the lightweight cotton twill. I was extremely curious to compare local print on softshell (see my jacket from it) with the U.S. print on cotton. First, I love this twill. It is strong and light at the same time, with typical twill texture. Colors are more orange on softshell, more red on twill. Definitely, I could imagine sewing from it.

Birches on the organic cotton knit. It could be a bit heavier, but 100% cotton knit goes well with a light summer dress.

Viva magenta snowflakes on the cotton poplin. I am extremely satisfied with the fabric, even though the white is not “shining white”.

Daisy on the petal signature cotton. A very basic cotton fabric that shows the print well, but I have no idea what to make with it.

Mandala pattern on the cotton spandex jersey, which contains 93% cotton and 7% spandex to make it stretch.

Medicinal herbs on the 100% organic cotton sateen. I considered this material and the pattern for the bedding, but the fabric is too light for my taste. Which doesn’t mean it’s perfectly fine for many others.

Do you have your own experience with the Spoonflower platform, fabrics, wallpapers, designs or designers? I would appreciate to hear some feedbacks and/ or recommendations as I am a newbie there.

Thanks a lot, in advance!

With love and hugs,


From doodling to jacket

I’ve never been the mandala type. I can appreciate their precise beauty, but it doesn’t suit my nature. When I tried to draw mandalas and listen to my inner voice, the result was not symmetrical or classically beautiful. I got crazy colorful doodles instead. So, they lay at the bottom of a drawer for years.  

I gave them a second chance to live when I learned how to create tile patterns. Using a very simple method I succeeded, and the “crazy faces” pattern was born. Among many others, this one most reflects who I am.

Crazy faces pattern

For a long time, I wanted to sew clothing from fabric with my own pattern on it. But I don’t like to wear synthetic fibers that most printers print custom patterns on. That’s why I postponed my dream until recently. My “crazy faces” pattern kicked me forward and I decided to order a softshell for a winter jacket.

printed fabric

I should note that I sew everything by hand, so the winter jacket was a big challenge and took a long time.

me in jacket

Eureka, it’s done! I like to wrap myself in an energy that is all my own. I feel safe and happy.

Love and hugs,


Over challenged

I needed a break because of too many challenges at the same time. I didn’t even finish Inktober, my computer crashed without saying bye. Still not sure if all data can be recovered.

But I did complete my personal artistic challenge!

It was the second year of the challenge, from birthday to birthday. One topic every week regardless of the amount of work or health status. I’m afraid some of the images show a lack of inspiration or mood to paint the subject of the challenge. Or exhaustion due to several other challenges on daily basis – painting forest in March and April, and Inktober recently.

I will try to focus more on quality instead of quantity next year.  

Thanks for watching my gallery!

Hugs and love,


Inktober 3

I am still trying to keep up with the game, even though it’s a little behind schedule.

Here is a recap of my last week prompts, using liner and Inktense pencils again.

Fowl – I decided for the western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus) because I wanted to draw fowl that live wild in the forest and it is a possibility to meet it there on a walk.

Tetrao urogallus

Salty – I was out of creative ideas here.


Scrape – Since I sharpen pencils often, I see this kind of scrape in front of me every day.


Ponytail – No special idea, just a girl with ponytail.


Bluff – My version of the bluff looks more like a cheerful spring cake, doesn’t it?


Bad dog – or better to say a strange dog. To be honest, it was my first time drawing a dog.

bad dog

Heist – My original idea was a time robbery by mobile phones and other addictions. Unfortunately lost in drawing process with no time to fix.


Booger – I skipped this one.

Yes, I am ready to confirm the truth that it is more important to participate (in anything) that to win. The effort to participate is no less valuable, and similarly exhausting. Great respect to everyone!

With hugs and love,


P.S. I am sorry but the size of images has a life of its own. I cannot understand why the images do not follow the instructions in the format box.

Inktober 2

Hi everyone and great respect to the artists, who participate in Inktober. I am trying to keep up for the first time and the pace is really challenging. There is no room for second attempts, although I would appreciate them on some topics.

My Inktense pencils drawings for this week of Inktober:

Nest – More like an Easter composition, no bird could sit in these eggs.
Crabby – I was not sure what crabby meant. I did use a bad quality paper 😦
Forget – I loved drawing this one. Forget or better not to forget.
Kind – Different kind of mushrooms I meet in the forest just now.
Empty – Out of several sketches, this one won.
Armadillo – Nightmare to draw it, I finished before finishing.

No more talk today, thank you for reading and watching my Inktober drawing.

Have a nice week! We still have a wonderful Indian summer in my area.

Love and hugs,



I love the idea of drawing different topic every day. But really every day? By ink? Should I try it? My inner voice said yes! Nothing to lose but experience to gain.

I hesitated for the first two days, struggling with doubts and a little bit with translation and understanding what the first two topics mean. But then I dived in, using liner and Inktense pencils with water.

Bat – no idea except literal. Reference picture from Wikipedia.
Scallop – I like this one as I felt much more relaxed while drawing.
Flame – nothing creative, too sharp shapes. I would like flower like this.
Bouquet – quick hydrangea drawing
Trip – psychedelic drawing on a trip
Match – hopefully they will match despite bad coloring.

And hopefully I will continue together with my weekly personal challenge, the second year of which is slowly coming to the end. I love all of this! When I grabbed the colored pencils in my 40s and decided to draw, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

Love and hugs,


Being digital

As I mentioned before, digital art is not my cup of tea. I don’t get it in general, although I like some of the pieces. It could be a matter of age or temperament.

Unfortunately I fell in love with creating seamless patterns from my traditional artwork, so a basic knowledge of digital graphics is essential. I am getting through step by step, using intuition as well as tutorials from internet. It’s like discovering a new universe that has long existed for many people.

For example, I was totally excited to discover a tool that adds a watercolor effect. As long as I followed instructions, I got an incredible result. But then I wanted to spread my wings and fly my own way. No, no, no!

I tried to vectorize my drawing of a rose and then apply the watercolor effect. Something strange happened, the rose became a kind of shiny candy instead of a loose watercolor flower. Even so, I put those candies into a seamless pattern. Am I a bit of masochist?

To be honest, not every day is awful. I met a great surprise inside of the tutorial how to draw a mandala. Another thing, which is not generally my cup of tea. But watching how every move of mouse is multiplied and symmetrically placed at the same time, was simply wonderful!

I have no use for mandalas yet, but for the great feeling I will definitely repeat this exercise. Probably combined with a “watercolor” background, as in the title image. What do you think about seamless pattern, based on something like this?

No worries, I still draw and paint by hand and still prefer it.

With love and hugs,