I’m a fifty over European woman with love for herbs and nature. I’d like to share my stories, drawings and herbal recipes, and get a little feedback and inspiration by reading you.

I hope you accept my level of English and naive form of drawings, which is simply part of me. I never learned to draw. In fact, the mark of art has spoiled my school certificates. Plus the mark of music, terrible! 😊

Because of those handicaps my life journey lead through the study of technical disciplines to a range of jobs requiring a science-oriented mind.

So called success  didn’t bring me happiness. Before my 40 I decided to leave the truck and completely transform my life. I returned back to roots and learned to follow the inner voice.

At that time I started to draw. With zero ambitions I put my feelings down to paper. I found out that drawing is a kind of prayer for me. Holding colored pencils is like holding ticket to the universe, having a secret number directly to G*d.

I wish to use it more frequently and perhaps I will 😊

Thanks all of you for reading, liking or commenting, I really appreciate it. It’s still very new for me so blindly throw myself into unknown audience. Hopefully we will get to know closer…