A year ago, I challenged myself to regularly draw or paint a picture every week according to predetermined list of topics. Any technique allowed. Being inspired by the inktober event, I wished to improve my skills on regular basis.

So I put down 52 topics to be processed in any order, which really helped. Sometimes I easily painted even more pictures on a selected topic, sometimes I had to force myself, which was pretty obvious from the result. Step by step, week by week, 52 artworks are done.

Big thanks to the friends, who supported me along the way! At the moment, I am grateful for all the support as well as I am proud to have completed my challenge. It doesn’t mean that I am proud of each of the artworks. That’s why I started to get another 52 topics. Almost at the end of the list!

I decided to share the results of my challenge, even there are so many. When I see them together, I see that I have no style of my own. So far, I am still trying different things and looking for what suits me best. One thing seems to be obvious. Using black contour line makes me more confident, whether I then use colored pencils, watercolor or ink pencils.

Perhaps next challenge will help to discover other facts or feelings that will lead to my own style. Your comments or recommendations on this matter are welcome!

With love and hugs,



7 thoughts on “Done!

  1. Great accomplishment!
    I actually do see a style which ties all works together. It’s more illustrative and you got a good focus on interesting parts of some wider and broader themes. It looks like drawing is more dominant than painting which creates a good illustration.
    Lots of people like using drawing and emphasize the different aspects of their subject. I’m not sure whether you have done any soft pastel paintings, but it feels you’ like pastels.
    Wonderful and rich post!

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    1. Inese, thanks for the compliment and even more for the opinion. When I think about it, you are right that I prefer to draw/paint pictures with a kind of hidden story. Which makes it an illustration. Yes! And it still gives me a choice of technique. Thanks for this point of view!
      Regarding soft pastels, there must be something! This is the second time you asked me about pastels as if you knew more than I do. I do not hear the calling, not yet. But it happens that I need exactly what I do not hear. At the moment I have discovered ink pencils, which I fell in love with especially because of intensity their colors after washing with water. It is like magic! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Anita! It took a while to identify with the term illustration, but now I am OK with it. I also believe that this perspective helps me to deal with new topics. Thanks to you and Inese I am looking forward to the new challenge even more 🙂

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