Always watched

Recently I felt lonely, so I was looking for relaxation in drawing. Putting confidence into my intuition and the ally of colored pencils, I was curious about the outcome.

And voila! Soon it became clear that I was drawing an eye. Why? I didn’t care at that time. I just kept drawing and stopped feeling lonely. Something new was being born and it gave me company.

As the drawing grew more and more precise, the more relaxed I felt. As if the eye knew all my pain and sadness, as if it contained all understanding and wisdom.

Although the drawing isn’t proportionally perfect, it has become my beloved friend and supporter in difficult times. Although my human friends call it sad, stressed or even chaotic, I still love it.

Hope you’d feel some impact as well. Double hope it’s positive!
Love, Ivana


4 thoughts on “Always watched

    1. Thank you, Inese! In fact, I start to draw with color pencils when I was 40. From year to year I worked on my style (or better to say the style came to me step by step). Putting high numbers of light layers made the magic. But time consumption was enormous, often spent the most on backgrounds.
      The pandemic isolation made me to play with watercolor, where I still look for my place (or style). I would probably mix the media in the future, who knows.
      Definitely I have a bad experience with watercolor pencils, they simply dont fit to me.
      I have no experience with pastel I did consider it like “dirty”. Maybe I am totally wrong, which happens to me often. If I postpone something for a long time, I could find it right after all 🙂
      Pastel pencils sounds great, I didnt hear about them before. You are walking inspiration, Inese 🙂


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