Paralyzed by COVID impact

The whole world is paralyzed by the new coronavirus. People dying, economy collapsing. Science and research are seeking a vaccine, testing existing drugs, including experimental ones. The governments are doing the same. No one knows the recipe, but it could be a mistake not to try.

In my country has been declared emergency state. Schools, restaurants, sports facilities, most shops and services are closed. We are obliged to wear facial mask of any kind, groups of more than two people are prohibited, except the family. It’s strictly recommended to go only to work – if you still have one, and then stay at home. What else? Watch TV full of depressing news, empty interviews and other restrictions?

No, that’s not entirely true. You can see a lot of positive things as well. Nameless heroes among medical and rescue staff, food and drugs suppliers, who face the risk of infection every hour, every day. There’s also admirable army of volunteers. Thousands of people sew facial masks for themselves as well as for medical professionals. Many help in many different ways. Innovators convert diving masks to respirators or print them on 3D printers. Others develop effective protection based on nanofibers.

I’m grateful to see and feel so much humanity and good hearts. It brings me the hope to overcome the impact of the new coronavirus and enter a new yet unknown era.

Take care of yourself and your family, stay healthy.

Love, Ivana

P.S. Forced to spend a lot of time at home, I finally decided to face my fear of wet techniques. The image above belongs to my very first attempts in watercolor. It looks like painted by a schoolchild and that’s how I really felt. Please be benevolent, I keep trying.

6 thoughts on “Paralyzed by COVID impact

    1. Thank you Anita! Hope you are doing well! You always know how to encourage me. Holding brush is weird comparing to colored pencil, nothing to say about so much water around 🙂 I keep.trying. Big hug and stay safe, Anita.


  1. Well, I suppose there’s some small good in the devastation the virus has brought upon us globally. Many of us are using our quarantine time productively to be creative and communicate our visions with each other. Your humble experiment in “wet media” qualifies. I like that you’ve found a relatively simple means to convey an array of impressions, and tell a story. Is it child-like? I don’t see it that way, but I see what you are getting at. Nice work. I think you’ve found a rather productive style to work with in addition to your other methods.

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  2. Great that you turned to painting! I think being afraid of painting with whatever media is completely ok, I still do not get it. I believe we have to be scared of virus, that dealy and air-born, plus surviving on hard surfaces and still being able to attack. In my case, any painting takes away all thoughts about troubles and all scares, too. I wish you all the best with art, but most of all staying safe!

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    1. Thank you for support, inspiration and wise words. You made me realized (or re-realized) how tight is connection between elements in both good and evil. Virus born from the air, transported by fluid, surviving on hard surfaces. So being afraid of wet technique somehow breaks element cycling, right? 🙂
      Here is a bit more hope with the coronavirus, the curve of infected people stopped to increase so fast. And we are also lucky with relatively low number of death. This helps me to survive in isolation, except of panting of course. Stay health and safe, I love your art. You must be amazing person behind it.


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