From the moon to the galaxy

In recent days, my painting has been somehow attracted directly to the night sky. I was thrilled with the challenge, but worried about the result. So I needed more attempts.

In addition, I am not a landscape lover and I promised in summer that I wasn’t going to paint any. Half year later, I wished to combine the night sky with the silhouette of wooded landscape!

We have a proverb, which I cannot translate well, but which exactly corresponds to that situation. It’s something like “You always get the biggest slice of the rejected bread”.

It’s exactly me, and such situation is repeated again and again. Whenever in my life I said with full conviction “No, thanks, this is not my way”, sooner or later I just wanted to do it. Does it happen to you too? If yes, how often?

I think about the source of it, while the last layer of my watercolor galaxy is drying. Looking at the painting, I see the endless possibilities that are stupid to limit by frightened beliefs. And that leads me to realize that the problem is not that I don’t know myself enough and still don’t know what is and isn’t my path.

The whole galaxy says that we create boundaries in our lives and usually make them much tighter than they are given to us. Not only me, but many.

I wish for all of us that the catcher from the first painting would capture our fears and nightmares, and we could open the door to a wide galaxy of possibilities.

Feel free, stay safe and happy holidays!



10 thoughts on “From the moon to the galaxy

  1. Merry Christmas!
    Everything is fine, I personally never worry what I will get as result in a painting.
    It’s also easier, I’d say much easier to paint large.
    Somebody who was a great watercolor artist, but passed away young, used to say: it takes a tiny error to destroy a small painting, and it takes major mishandling to damage large painting.
    Focusing on result is not that beneficial, although, we are after the result.
    Not every painting turns out to be good, so we just discard what went wrong or didn’t work out.
    I personally never use black with watercolor, but all kinds of other colors to create whatever shade dark I need. It is too staining of a color and, in my opinion, it disturbs the flow of watercolor.
    Anyway, your paintings are fine and enjoy the healing Christmas time!

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  2. Love these paintings. I’ve been photographing the moon over solstice and full moon with the trees silhouetted against it. I love the sense of the branches as tendrils reaching out to touch it and boundaries is something that keeps coming up for me. Thanks for making me think about this.

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