Painting digital

As I become more and more involved in the digital world, using the mouse and touchpad has been disappointingly imprecise for my increasing demands. And because I’m not going to give up just yet, I decided to buy a drawing tablet and open a whole new chapter.

Although I only have a small tablet without a display, it has quickly become my cyber-pet. We spend a lot of time together and learn from each other. I feel more freedom in drawing, but I still haven’t found my way of painting or coloring.  Also, it seems I have underestimated the PC requirements. Despite being relatively new, it is woefully slow on graphics. And that slows down my progress and reduces my enthusiasm.

For today I have three completely different results from my digital experiments using variations of the painting technique. I would appreciate your comments and recommendations as I am lost in many internet tutorials that do not match what I am looking for. Which is mainly a way of coloring the hand drawings, so it doesn’t look too digital. I realize how crazy that sounds.

For now, I’m using a layering of semi-transparent layers or a watercolor texture, both followed by clipping. I keep looking for other ways.

Thank you for reading, commenting, supporting and recommending.

With love and hugs,



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