My really first memory of cacti belongs to a little girl, who watched her father, taking care of small prickly plants and was terribly jealous. Dad made himself a special heating box and watered by exact number of drops each of his baby plant. That’s why I thought for a long time, that cacti are pampered princesses who steal love and attention.

Of course, I learned at school that cacti grow in dry deserts and are a small miracle of survival. But the child’s emotional experience was somehow stronger, so I avoided to meet cacti. Which is quite easy in Central Europe 🙂

What dramatically changed my attitude, was a holiday in the United States, especially traveling through Arizona and New Mexico. Suddenly I met real cacti. Huge, admirable, independent. No sign of pampered princess. I was amazed and speechless.

At that time I realized that the desert can be inhospitable, but it’s definitely not dead. There is a lot of life, just keep your eyes wide open and look beneath the surface. In terms of emotions, desert was one of the most powerful experiences in my life.

I am curious about your personal experience with this very special plant, or desert.

Love and hugs,



6 thoughts on “Cacti

  1. You have developed an interesting style. This painting or drawing is very good. Congratulations on that!
    I’m not very excited about deserts, but that’s just an impression from times when we have been traveling in the US and Mexico . We used to drive in a car all across the US from North to South, then from Las Vegas to LA and San Francisco. each trip was 3-4 weeks, I cannot even imagine how we did that. We also rented a car in Mexico and traveled on our own. That are my only experiences about deserts.
    However, desert plants are interesting, especially for someone who hasn’t seen them before.

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    1. Thank you, Inese! You are right, something is developing. For now I feel more confident when using black liner. But no one knows what will be the next step 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your experience with desert. Absolutely understand your point of view. I believe, that for desert you have to be in a very special mood. No rush, just slow perception. I think desert is kind of art directly from the Creator 🙂

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