No meat pâté, hit of the week

Being tired of delayed spring arrival, I turned my focus into the kitchen this week. I planned a small chat over wine with my neighbor, so among others I prepared a pâté from red beans. With a lot of garlic and marjoram it was a clear winner of the evening! And because of the beans color it looked like a regular pâté from meat.

I’ve had a rest of red wine from the neighbors briefing, so I decided to make another version of the red beans pâté today. With my poor camera the picture looks that somebody has already used it, but you can believe that it’s delicious!

This time I took onion, juniper and red wine, let them cook together for a while in the pot to join their tastes, added cooked, chopped and salted red beans, butter and some cream. Let it sit to combine ingredients well and then mix into a delicate consistency.

After about one hour in a fridge and with homemade bread you get something fabulous!

Good appetite,