Hypericum: Balance and Mobility

This friendly yellow plant grows on hot summer meadows and from distance looks like a proudly erect candlestick with flashing lights of individual flowers. Those are tightly grouped as if constantly chattering and always have something to tell. No wonder if you notice large amount of stamens which probably works like powerful antenna.

Every time I see Hypericum bloom I see the Leonardo’s pentagram. For me, both are symbol of health, symbol of balance and mobility. And the communication factor reminds me that a healthy person needs to be somehow socialized.

Talking about healthy balance, there is one more fascinating aspect of Hypericum plant. Even if the flowers are yellow like the sun, they have liquid inside which is red like blood. And this is exactly the way how Hypericum works.

Its power is hidden, its effect comes slowly. To get great results, no rush! Hypericum is like a good physiotherapist. It knows all the tricks how to put in motion every smallest muscle, but no rush! And if I am talking about motion of muscles, I really mean all of them. Including back muscles around the spine, respiratory muscles or digestive muscles. With the only condition: be patient.

For all the people of the modern civilized world who live under permanent stress Hypericum is a tool how to get more patience, how to get more balance, how to calm their nerves.

Do you have any personal experience? I look forward to your “socializing” comments 🙂