I love rhubarb!

The same story repeats every spring, my body requires rhubarb. I’m starving for it and I just have to have it. Sometimes is difficult to get it, but the sweeter is the victory.

No matter which recipe I use for the cake, sour rhubarb inside will satisfy all requirements.

In case I need to use rhubarb economically, then I add it in small pieces to the morning oatmeal. Of course, I don’t eat it raw, it would be too strong even for such admirer like me.

Once my annual need is saturated, I no longer need to know about rhubarb until next spring, when my obsession will reappear with regular certainty.

My watercolor painting is reminiscent of my love to rhubarb and cakes from it.

Enjoy both!

Love, Ivana


How to reach perfection?

Everybody knows that being perfect is an illusion, but each of us is trying to get as close as possible. The desire for improvement is natural, and because of this tendency we have a lot of good in our lives.

But there are people who are obsessed with perfection. They usually would not agree and immediately highlight all the imperfections they have and need to improve. As long as they live inside of their obsession and don’t bother others, it is dangerous only to them in terms of mental and later physical health.

What I consider to be a problem is a lot of people who are paralyzed by the obsession. They are standing at the life crossroads and wondering which way leads to perfection. They want to avoid mistakes so much that they prefer thinking instead of acting. These people are always waiting for some UNTIL. Until I get this and that I can’t start doing this or that. They often become collectors of certificates with zero practice.

I believe in the power of practicing. My drawings are best proof of it. People ask me how I blend the colors, if I have special pencils for it. No, I don’t. I have the most common and cheap pencils, but I patiently put on many light layers until the drawing gets rich in color.

And this is my conclusion for today. You can get close to perfection by unlimited range of imperfections. Being imperfect means that you are on the way. Keep doing!

With love, Ivana