Is Lavender friendly?

Unlike many people I am not a big fan of lavender. Anyway I still work with it due to wide range of benefits. Lavender is easily available and strong in healing effects, especially in disinfection. Some call it “European Tea tree”.

First communication with lavender surprised me a lot. I’ve got message that lavender is ready to destroy eyes of its enemies, wants to blind them and intimidate them by odor. It was a very strict notice that sounded like a desire to eradicate evil around the world.

Then I realized that all the mentioned enemies might be viruses and bacteria, so I calmed down and continued in listening. I felt great penetration of all aspects. Lavender can be effective even far from the epicenter. It can be used on one end and effective on the other one. Usually it is not us who decides against what lavender fights. We can only hope in matching of our interests.

I tried to find the motivation of lavender and go a little bit deeper under surface. Then I found a small herb full of self-doubt and full of decision not to allow anybody to recognize it. That is why lavender is so offensive or aggressive. And maybe this is the right reason why lavender loves to grow in large clusters.

Do you wonder why is lavender used also for relax and against headache? It makes sense if you have the same group of enemies as lavender at the time of healing. You have to try because lavender does not allow reading its secrets.

I would appreciate your lavender comments.