Mallow: How can I help you?

Mallow is a quiet plant with beautiful violet or purple flowers. There are more species of it and all of them have the same basic energy of a humble servant. Its competence covers healthy comfort of mucous membranes including the most intimate ones. From this point I fully understand the humble energy. Otherwise nobody opens his door for Mallow’s help.

Being humble doesn’t mean to be weak or coward. Mallow knows its responsibility and works tenaciously regardless of possible obstacles. For example it doesn’t like to work from the aquatic environment such as teas or infusions, but still provides good results. Once it enters to the system, Mallow tries to pass through fences in order to reach all the mucous membranes and heal them.

The most effective application is directly to the mucosa. But there are not many of them which are easily reachable. I can think of only few. If you mix the Mallow powder with touch of almond oil, you get a great healing basis for direct application to your lips or nasal mucosa. For application in the intimate area is better to prepare (vaginal) suppositories from the basis and pure cocoa butter. Keep in mind, that Mallow heals the mucosa, but not always can treat the cause of disease.

Luckily Mallow is a willing and hardworking herb and likes to cooperate with others. They are good friends with Yarrow, which provides the male power and disinfection skill. Yarrow heals what is on surface while Mallow goes deeply beneath. In fact, it is the same as in any good marriage.

Yarrow, the medicinal hero

Latin name of the Yarrow herb reminds heroic warrior Achilles, who was according to the Greek mythology son of goodness and mortal king. The same source tells that the old wise centaur Chiron was a mentor of Achilles and gave him many skills, including medicine.

Yarrow got its name Achillea deservedly. It is a warrior on the field between life and death. During ages undoubtedly saved many limbs from amputation due to ability almost immediately stop bleeding and not allow any infection to ruin its work. Yarrow is proud, strong and brave. It embarks on a fight where the others have failed or are afraid to intervene. Its ambition is to awaken the life and defeat the death.

Yarrow has a special tang that cannot be confused with anything else. It likes to be stressed in drop of alcohol, especially for internal use. In that case Yarrow also applies its enthusiasm for life and accelerates activity of internal organs. In short, Yarrow is an essential herb for every herbalist because it is the herb of life.

I would appreciate your Yarrow experience.

True or False Chamomile?

Most of us met Chamomile since childhood. And often is Chamomile associated with children and prescribed for them. Why? Chamomile essential energy is gentle and soothing. It is a kind nanny telling us bedtime stories. It is always listening, never in a hurry. It takes us into the realm of dreams and fantasy. Chamomile rhythm is slow and full of patience. Adults call it sedative effects.

And so it can be used, inside or outside, wherever we need to calm what is irritated: stomach, intestine, eyes or skin. Chamomile loves to cooperate with water, for internal use like tea and infusion or bath for external application.

Books teach us how to distinguish the true from the false chamomile. Is it necessary? False Chamomile – it sounds like a dirty trick from the Creator. Never mind if it’s one or the other. Both have healing effects and both are the nannies for our children. Well, one has more power and experience than the other. But do we always need the most powerful sedative? Does it mean that our children are useless if they are not the strongest?

I would appreciate your true or false chamomile comments.