Obsessed with fabric design

Having my own patterned jacket meant a milestone on my path to the world of fabric design. Since then, I have been deeply dived there.

Apart of ordinary life I tried to be more familiar with the computer graphic tools and was looking for new inspirations and possibilities. No wonder I discovered the Spoonflower platform soon. There is so many fabulous designs and creative people who make them! Additionally, there is the option of printing on cotton materials, which I have missed so far.

Of course, certain rules must be followed, and ordering samples of your own designs is one of them.  So, I selected a few patterns and a few cotton materials, paid, and waited. Waited, waited, and waited. The order itself was printed within a week, but delivery from the U.S. to the small country in the middle of Europe took almost a month!

Except of the delivery time, I was happy with what I received. My obsession became deeper, my passion to create and get more as well.

I know, that looking at a picture is not the same as touching the fabric. However, I would like to share the experience, so I scanned the fabric samples and here they are.

Crazy faces on the lightweight cotton twill. I was extremely curious to compare local print on softshell (see my jacket from it) with the U.S. print on cotton. First, I love this twill. It is strong and light at the same time, with typical twill texture. Colors are more orange on softshell, more red on twill. Definitely, I could imagine sewing from it.

Birches on the organic cotton knit. It could be a bit heavier, but 100% cotton knit goes well with a light summer dress.

Viva magenta snowflakes on the cotton poplin. I am extremely satisfied with the fabric, even though the white is not “shining white”.

Daisy on the petal signature cotton. A very basic cotton fabric that shows the print well, but I have no idea what to make with it.

Mandala pattern on the cotton spandex jersey, which contains 93% cotton and 7% spandex to make it stretch.

Medicinal herbs on the 100% organic cotton sateen. I considered this material and the pattern for the bedding, but the fabric is too light for my taste. Which doesn’t mean it’s perfectly fine for many others.

Do you have your own experience with the Spoonflower platform, fabrics, wallpapers, designs or designers? I would appreciate to hear some feedbacks and/ or recommendations as I am a newbie there.

Thanks a lot, in advance!

With love and hugs,



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