Playing with palettes

How do you select colors for your drawing or painting? Do you make a palette first? I would expect YES.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I started from the opposite site. When I grabbed colored pencils as an adult, I did so with my eyes closed, wondering what it would bring to my drawing. It was surprisingly good and harmonious, which encouraged trust in my own intuition, neglected for many years.

Later I choose colors more consciously, but the old habits continued to work. In each set of colored pencils I first used the yellow – orange – green tones, probably the colors of my soul. Colors that my intuition gravitates to, whatever I’m drawing. All the blues and purples were piling up almost unused.

Exceptional play with blue, pink and violet colored pencils.

Something changed when I bought watercolor paints two and half years ago. I discovered the adventure of mixing colors and fell in love. Conclusion? I need to work with colors consciously, I need vibrant colors on my pictures.

Colorful flowers – watercolor and Inktense pencils, intuitive color selection.

Recently, I took my old colored pencils and tried to create a range of beautiful combinations just for fun. I spent hours creating them and cannot wait to use them all. I’m not sure yet, but it looks I’m currently leaning towards a combination of watercolor in the base, ink or colored pencils in the final layer to get closer to one of the color palletes.

That’s called evolution, right?

Mushroom in earthy tones. Watercolor background, colored pencils above.

I hope that your life brings you pleasure and the joy of change.

With love and hugs,



3 thoughts on “Playing with palettes

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  2. Let’s say when I paint, I do not intensively think about palette. I believe, over time, we simply develop color combinations we like or dislike. We also have favorite mixes, like I love green which consists of black, blue, burnt sienna and yellow. It will be always different depending on proportion and the exact shade of each color. I suppose it’s good to have cold and warm, as well as dark and light options for the same color. All 4 are important.
    It must be a slow process covering larger areas with pencil, I personally do not have that type of patience and choose, therefore, quick meadiums, like watercolor or acrylic. Using the same base colors always results in a good palette.
    Your style has progressed into good illustrations.

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    1. Thank you, Inese, for sharing your experience. I must say that my patience with colored pencils often goes over my head! Then is great to change the medium 🙂
      I am extremely happy you can see my progress, thanks!
      Hope you have a nice time after the storm of moving.


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