Two years ago in March, covid-19 came to our country, the first restrictions appeared and then the total lockdown. No one had enough experience, but good enough information was rolling everywhere. At this point, I decided to start with watercolor.

As I have mentioned several times, I have held a mental block to wet techniques since childhood. But fighting this fear was easier than dealing with upcoming pandemic or better to say with scary scenario, served by TV 24/7. So I bought watercolor paints and paper and dived into tutorials. Which really helped, because I discovered a new world.

I didn’t stop living my life except the ongoing restrictions. But somewhere inside me a flame of passion began to burn, and it burns there up to this day.

My painting success is floating up and down, I am still trying to learn new skills and have more practice. Sometimes I push it too hard, but painting is still a great pleasure for me.

I would like to thank all of you, because your encouraging support helps me to overcome weak points. You deserve to know about that anniversary. Thanks for being with me on the watercolor road!

Hugs and love,


My watercolor set of March, 2020.

2 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. With painting and drawing, we explore and learn all the way, as long as we do it. There’s not such a thing as artist who doesn’t try new techniques, new approach and challenging new subject. It’s a life-long learning.
    For Canada, COVID cases go up again, although they cancelled most masking requirements. I’m personally using the medical mask anywhere in public. I don’t think we should wait until government implements requirements and restrictions, we should always go by the severity of situation and our personal conditions.
    Good things come out of painting and practicing it. I don’t think watercolor is difficult. I personally believe that painting large and very large with watercolor is much easier for the obvious reasons: if you have a large area, you can easily leave white of paper and paint around any spot you want to. I think the most important thing with any painting is brushing. People somehow forget about that, but practicing brushstroke and different brushing techniques makes all the difference.
    Happy anniversary and lots of new paintings!

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    1. Thank you, Inese! Watercolor is still a science for me. Mixing colors was the first important step. Paper is number two. I have not tried the cotton yet, but cellluose is quite ok, if it’s designed for watercolor. Which is not the case of the sketchbook, where I practice forest painting. Brush will be next step. My current brushes seem to stop holding tip, so I will try to look around and choose the price – pergormance compromise 🙂


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