Repeated pattern, part two

Thanks for the encouragement to make repeated pattern from my artwork, printable on fabric!

Since the hand-drawing tiles were demanding on patience, accuracy and time, I tried to dive into editing tools a bit deeper. Even free software contains a long list of them, under whose names I usually can’t imagine anything at all.

I’m a beginner, but I’m not a coward! Moreover, I was gifted by the nature of a discoverer. So I tested applying one tool after another until I met the right one. Hurrah!

So far I haven’t tried any modifications to the basic settings, instead I immediately applied this tool to a million of my existing artworks.

The results are not such repeated patterns I originally imagined, but some of them are damn interesting, what do you think?

Where available, they are linked to the posts with original images.

Let me know if you found a favorite. It’ll help me keep improving. Thanks a lot!

Hugs and love,


P.S. The featured image contains a part of the leaves with droplets, see In the middle of lockdown.


13 thoughts on “Repeated pattern, part two

    1. Thanks a lot!!!!
      It all comes from desire to sew a few pieces of clothes with my own motif on it. But now I’ve fallen into it more than I expected, so I’m not sure what will be the next step.
      The whole process brought me a lot of joy, but you are right, I should start to think about next steps.
      You are an artist and you definitely have a lot more experience, would you have any recommendations for me?
      I would love to have a sweatshirt or hoodie with the motif of the autumn leaves. Everything else was a game and learning how to use editing tools in computer.

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      1. I saw a blog that had a place where you can get your designs printed on fabric. I don’t have the name but there is a place here somewhere. They had some real pretty bedspreads. If you want to do it yourself you can paint on the fabric or batik it, and do the yards you need for your project, but if you want to sell the fabrics they need a “repeat” in the design every 27″ lengthwise for drapery fabrics and I don’t know what the repeat is for fashions fabrics. Then you can join the selvages on the design so it continues as one picture across the seam. I hope you know what I mean. I sewed a lot of curtains in my life. The repeat isn’t as important in fashion fabrics because most styles can be cut out of one width. But when they print fabrics for commercial use they need a pattern that repeats for printing purposes. If you go to a fabric store take a tape measure then find a certain part of the design on the selvage and go down the selvage until you find that same design again. That is the length of the repeat. Your designs look marketable but that’s not my strong point. I only know about the repeat part of the design s because you need to know it to sew draperies.

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      2. I think I know what you mean even it sounds complicated.
        Now I need a few days break from the patterns and then I will try to search more details about printing, etc.
        Currently I have one confirmed company in my country (Czech Republic), that prints on a variety of fabrics, including cotton. They request digital pattern + information how many patterns should be placed to the printable width of the fabric (usually 150cm, which is about 59 inches).
        I am still a little hesitant, but this company wil probably be my first step. This company and the autumn leaves fabric for my hoodie. Even they need 4 weeks from payment to delivery.
        I stay open for other options.

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      3. Sounds good! I thought there might be a minimum yardage that they will print, like a bolt of fabric, but I don’t know if they’d do just a few yards. I’m looking forward to seeing your posts to find out how it goes!

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    1. Thank you Inese! I really appreciate your words, and to be honest, I need some more encouragement to continue. I loved to create these patterns, but somehow I feel to stay on a crossroad and hesitate to continue into the unknown. I need to get more information about this whole new universe 🙂


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