Hand-drawing tiles

Somewhere in the depths of my heart, a dream had been hidden for a long time. The dream of wearing clothes with my art on it. I mean to sew clothes from the fabric on which my art is printed.

From many reasons I considered this dream unrealistic. But something has changed. Maybe I gained more self-confidence, maybe I just met the right website at the right time. Even a local company offers printing on fabric with a customer design at reasonable price from a small quantity! Is it really possible?

Having no other excuses at this end, I had to deal with how to create a digital pattern from my artwork. Which is a totally new world with zillion questions every minute.

I had no idea how to arrange the pattern if I didn’t want to leave a white background. To be honest, I don’t know until now. Any good advice is welcome!

What I did was a manual method using scissors, duct tape and a lot of patience. It meant cutting paper into quarters and moving them during drawing, thus simulating the continuity of the edges.

Then just check the continuity on computer and retouch remaining edges after scanning, and look at the finished pattern!

If it seems simple, then know that the whole process took me more than 20 hours. Plus many more hours of searching on internet and learning of graphic editing. But I am ready to create a real pattern and improve my skills.

Next, I would like to create a pattern from existing artwork that was not originally designed as a pattern. A long way ahead.

In case you have a good advice for a beginner like me, I will be very grateful!

Love and hugs,



5 thoughts on “Hand-drawing tiles

  1. I love your pattern Ivana, i think this way of making patterns is very enjoyable.
    if you want free how to’s on making patterns type repeating patterns (or something similar) into YouTube, they have loads on there.

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  2. Looks very good!
    For editing images and creating patters, you can use any kind of graphic app. The most known software is probably Photoshop, but it’s pricey. There are lots of other less expensive options nowadays, might be even some free, but you would save time creating patters digitally since, most likely, to print your image and patters on fabric, the printing company will request a digital file. Like the previous comment said, there’ s lots of advice on the internet.

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