From the beginning, I was pretty sure I wanted the vaccine when available for the group of my age because I didn’t feel strong enough to fight this virus alone.

When vaccines began to appear like mushrooms after rain, I asked my intuition which one is the best for me.

Instead of a simple recommendation I got a short story parallel to each vaccine available at that time. Based on my imagination only, because I am not an expert in any concerned field.

First, I was thinking of P.B. and I watched at the brave warrior who was conquering new territories to rule over them. He was not ready to share the leadership, but was fully prepared to fight the external enemy.

Ok, it looks like extremely effective vaccine, but I am not ready to give a complete control over myself to this warrior. His ambition didn’t seem satisfied with the only task of protection against covid.

Then, A.Z. came to me like a mist that slowly settled into each and every cell. The main mission was not to dominate, but to merge and cooperate.

Yes! This type of vaccine I decided to get. And I stuck to my decision even after all the negative news that has been coming up in recent months. The mist and cooperation are not for everyone. Leaving responsibility to the warrior is much easier. Just as fire may seem more suitable for immunization than water.

So I knew which vaccine I wanted but I didn’t know how to get it. Deliveries were small and slow, mostly based on P.B.

I was patient, didn’t want to skip vulnerable groups. Last week, I finally signed up for the vaccination and prayed for getting A.Z. Unfortunately, this was the only way. Even though we have the right to refuse the vaccine, we cannot choose which one to get.

And you know what? The next evening my local GP called to tell me, that she had two A.Z. vaccines left and if I didn’t want one. Was it an answer to my prayer?

To be honest, I didn’t feel well yesterday. I had a strong headache with feeling like be drugged and body beaten. But I took it as a proof that the vaccine was working.

Additionally, my imagination watched the body, getting an intense course of fighting covid. If I went to the judo lesson, I would also have a beaten body!

I was quite fine today, the cooperation with the A.Z. has been started!

Hope you get your dream vaccine if you choose one.

Love and hugs,


P.S. Immediately after vaccination I was very thirsty and within two hours I drunk about two liters of water. Which is, I believe, kind of natural prevention against thrombosis that people fear with the A.Z.

5 thoughts on “Vaccinated!

  1. Good for you and good you didn’t experience any serious side-effects which this type of vaccine causes.
    We had to wait and book an appointment, and it took me a month until I got the appointments one for husband a week earlier and then for me because I had a surgery. I was only trying to get either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, so Pfizer was available first, and we got it. It was pain in the arm for a few days, and overall feeling slightly off, but nothing too bad, I kept doing everything.
    I adore you for bravery, but since I got materials from medical companies before, I was absolutely certain about the new type of vaccines. It’s not that mRNA vaccines are created from zero because they have similar vaccines for some cancers already, so they used the same RNA mapping mechanism to deliver rather information to cells and to teach them the necessary activity.
    Anyway, we have to wait for a long time for the second dose in Ontario, but at least one is done.
    Congratulations that you got it and hopefully everything works out well, especially when most people have been vaccinated.
    Stay well Ivana!

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  2. Thank you, Inese!!! Acoording to my childish parallel, P.B is absolutely fine for two types of people. For those who prefer to leave responsibility to the warrior. And for those who are strong enough to keep control despite the fact that the warrior lives under the same roof. I believe you are such person!

    I have nothing against the mRNA vaccines in general, not even prejudices. But I have found that I am not compatible with the P.B. vaccine. By the way, my first very parallel showed the M. vaccine also in military suit. Long before I understood they are both mRNA based. I simply tried to use intuition before I got information. And combine both sources later.

    How long is period of waiting for the second dose in Ontario? Here it was 21 days in Januray (according to the rules of P.B.), now they prolong it up to 42 days. And it is much longer with AZ, because results should prove that it makes effectivness higher. I was given time for the second dose in early August. And I am happy for that. My body needs time before the next lesson 🙂

    I love to read you stay healthy and happy.
    Hug you, Inese.


  3. Regarding prejudices about the mRNA vaccines, I believe everybody is unique and everybody has the right to call an army for defense. Especially in the case he does not have enough strength for it.

    I can imagine situations where I would be grateful for the help of a small army. But in this specific case I wanted to participate in the defense against covid.

    Each vaccine has an optimal user and that is great!


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