Wrapped well

Thank you for all the encouragement! It made me hungry to paint another topic from my 52 challenges earlier.

And because Christmas is just around the corner, I chose the topic “ribbon”. I got the result after about five hours, as I had never painted any ribbon before. That’s why it became part of my challenge 🙂

Hope you will like the gift, hidden inside. Let your imagination fly and leave me a comment on what you see under the ribbon.

With love and hugs,


11 thoughts on “Wrapped well

  1. You have a lot of talent. What I see beneath the ribbon is memories, some in pictorial form, some bittersweet, some grief filled and others that will always be beautiful and sparkle in your soul. You have wrapped them with a special ribbon to contain them in a special place within. Your grief has moved, changed form, and offered healing to you at a soul level as well. Grief never leaves altogether, and escapes in the occasional welling of tears as your heart is pricked by a bruising ache for whom you have loved. But deeply experiencing grief clears out a lot of muck and leaves you brand new in many ways. Hugs to you.

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    1. Thanks for your sensitivity and support. The words brought emotional tears to my eyes. I do my best, but sometimes it seems very little.

      I am currently facing the administrative consequences of the mourning, so painting is my way of overcoming legal stones. At least mentally.

      Wish you a big box of nice surprises under beatiful ribbon of any color 🙂

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  2. I see a white feather under the ribbon. For me that’s a sign of hope, of flight. Not in the sense of a plane journey but a flight of freedom within ourselves to buffet on the wind, become one with air and see the world from above in a new perspective. A new year, hopefully we can find new ways to live. Xx

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