Still alive!

Although I’m still going through a lot of internal changes, I don’t stop creating. I have to create just as I have to breathe. I just forget to share the results.

First of all, I discovered a new brand of sock yarn, which fascinated me with quality and beautiful patterns. In combination with a single color yarn I improve the original patterns even more (hopefully). I have no evidence, as I hurried to give the finished socks to the right friends.

However, I keep knitting. Currently, I have a brutal color combination on the needles, but it will fit to my new shoes perfectly.

At the same time, I went through another wave of soap mania. Since September, I have been creating one soap after another. Tiny batches, different recipes. I discovered a passion for soaps with deep earthy energy. My top three include walnut soap, rosehip with cloves and cinnamon, and rosemary with cocoa. No essential oils, just careful work with basic herbs and plants.

For the first time, I also experimented with adding dairy products into soap. I was excited by the silky consistency when I used whey. Goat or cow, both are fine, but I prefer liquid not dried whey.

In my last recipe I used goat kefir, which fit perfectly with the chamomile inside. I can’t wait for the soap to ripen and I’ll wrap myself in the soft foam of it.

Last, but not least obsession is painting on t-shirts. I caught the second breath. Perhaps I will please some good souls with a nice gift.

By the way, taking picture of a white t-shirt is a worse nightmare than the whole painting!

Hoping you have beautiful autumn. Stay strong, creative and healthy!

With love, Ivana

14 thoughts on “Still alive!

  1. Love that you’re incorporating your knowledge of herbs into your soaps, Ivana! ❤ The paintings are beautiful, and I imagine whoever receives them would be delighted. Waiting to see your new socks as well. Keep creating, and keep being creative!

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  2. Good to hear you are ‘still alive’ I had just been thinking about you. I too am knitting and writing alot, a book on my local hillforts. A time of transition and regrowth in all that is going on in the world. I work in my small way with the earth to be of service to nature.

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    1. Thank you! I love your articles and photos, both lead me to the core od nature around you.
      A book? Sounds amazing! On the other hand, I believe you will find tons of readers. I am sure you can offer a lot.
      Btw. what is your favourite material, color or pattern for knitting? 🙂


      1. Thank you Ivana, I hope so. Ooh, my favourite colour is blues, I knit lots of patterns but I like the intertwining of cabling, reminds me of DNA strands and the twining threads of the universe 😊

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      2. I simply love the way you look at the world. DNA? I have never thought about DNA when knitting, but you are right. It is so obvious when you say it out. Thanks for it.
        The next time I have needles in my hands, my mind will become a biological scientist 🙂
        You surprised me with the blue! Somehow I expected green. Those prejudices! 🙂
        Recently, I knitted socks in the style “see and sand”. I consider them beautiful even though I am not a fan of blue, sorry 🙂


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