Playing with the Elements, Part 1 – Fire

As I have already mentioned in the article Seasonal clock, I work with four elements on many levels. It keeps me fascinating how several basic principles can be applied to something such complex as life.

Speaking of the 4-element system, the players are fire, air, water and earth. Each of them has its own spirit and each of them is needed. If we learn how to identify them in our lives, we can find a way how to reach balance more easily.

Although many say that water is the main player and without water it would not be life, I will start with the fire because only the fire warms the water to the temperature suitable for living. And this is also a nice example how the elements affect each other and cannot even exist separately.

The fire is the first spark of life and the feeling we are still alive. It is a small flame that may become a torch. Depending on conditions and our will, the torch brings the light and heat as long as we feed it. To keep the fire we need to supply oxygen (the element of air) and fuel, for example wood (the element of earth). On the advanced level, we also need to make the fire safe, having some shelter for it. And this belongs to the earth as well.

The fire represents everything that warms or burns or what brings the light. The fire means interest, curiosity, joy, laugh, activity, competition, excitement, passion, enthusiasm, etc. For simplicity I would call interest as the core of the others. People like the fire, being attracted to it by invisible forces, but they are also afraid of being burned. Then they build the shelters in the name of safety, too tight for life. And then, they complain that there is not enough joy or success in their lives. Or that they miss the sense (light) in their lives.

How to solve it? Anything that arouses your even small interest is a flame whose future you have in your hands. Is there enough oxygen and suitable fuel for it? Which kind of oxygen and fuel is needed for your particular case of interest? And are you willing to feed it? Then just try! No fire is dangerous from the very beginning. And only when you taste and like the first fruits itโ€™s the time to think about the shelter, no earlier. So you avoid many disappointments and energy losses.

The fire itself isnโ€™t positive or negative, it is neutral or better to say natural force whose priority is to shine and warm. No good or evil inside. It is our will and experience which make the fire either a tool or a weapon. Trying to separate from the fire means the same like to separate from the life, dying alive. It is only fair to accept it, just as the fact that accidents happen.

Finally, I must say that having a lack of fire is just as dangerous as having it too much. Imagine how difficult is to keep living in desert, how much suffering it costs. So if you donโ€™t balance the fire of your excitement and desire, your life may turn to desert. In my case, I tend to be too enthusiastic sometimes and forget to eat, drink and even go to toilet. The subject of my deep interest can claim the fire so urgently that simply switches other requirements off, including basic biological functions. So I know that I have to be careful because all kind of addictions work on the same principle.

What to do? If you have too much fire inside, find a way to let it out. It is better to diversify methods and make regular breaks across your activities. Never hold the fire back! You would create a volcano with uncertain date of explosion.

I will bring the fire topic throughout the other elements again, speaking about their mutual influence.

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7 thoughts on “Playing with the Elements, Part 1 – Fire

  1. In astrology, the fire would be the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, but I think of Aries as especially fiery, it being a cardinal sign, a starter…Which element do you think works best with the fire element to not only start new projects but to finish them as well. I have lots of ideas but half of them never get started. LOL
    Looking forward to reading about the other elements.

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    1. Thanks for comment, Lydia! I believe we are lucky not to be the only sign, where the Sun was sitting in the moment of our birth ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I am clear Scorpio, I feel a strong influence of my Moon in Taurus as well. Being born a day before full moon, I have straight opposition Sun-Moon of course.
      But back to your question. I believe, that fire itself has other purposes than finish projects. We need fire to start them and then is much better to rely on Earth for finishing ๐Ÿ™‚ Fire is like crisis manager on many fields of our life, but when the crises is over, employ more stable element for cooperation.
      Aries is of course the most fiery sign, the best for being the first all the time. Sagittarius as the mutable sign, is like the fire with a bit air beneath. So you cannot definitely expect finishing projects. The most probable winner is Leo because it is fixed sign, it means a bit of Earth beneath the fire. Unfortunately you cannot force the Leos to finish anything they don’t want. So, it’s better not to expect unreal ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Love your insight! Thank you. As soon as I sent my last comment I realized too that fire is good to start any project but it’s not the right element for finishing. lol Having the sun-moon opposition cannot be easy, I love the Scorpio energy though, mom is Scorpio rising with incredible self-healing powers (though unrealized), my middle son is Scorpio, love having him around. In which areas do you feel the sun-moon opposition affecting you the most?
        Myself being 29 degrees Aquarius offers challenges as well. Married young to a fellow Aquarian, but his moon and mars in Aries……so lots of Uranian quality ideas (off-grid home, homesteading, homeschooling, and SO much more) guess who had all the ideas and guess who ended up working at those ideas? And I don’t even have any earth qualities in my chart….which is why gardening grounds me so well and I go a little off-path in winter. When coming more into oneself and wanting to live from the heart I realize now I need to do the things that mean something to me. I love this homesteading life but somehow it doesn’t quite feel like me? Does that even make sense? Any feedback welcome Ivana! How long have you studied astrology? You must have the planet Uranus in a free-thinking position. lol Astrology was taboo for me when growing up with very devout (but loving) christian parents, it’s only in my 40’s that I took a real interest and cannot get enough of it.
        I may be done blogging for a while…continuing with some soul searching. I’ve really enjoyed all your comments and feedback and would love to stay in touch, perhaps this would be better done over email? What do you think? We could share our charts and give/get more insight.

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