Big challenge

When I was a small girl, I enjoyed watching fairy tales in black and white, the tales from Grandmother Sheep. She was sitting in an old chair, knitting an extremely long sock, and telling stories about brave lambs and evil wolves. Knitting and talking gave me the right soothing atmosphere at bedtime.

I learned how to knit early, but I did not have enough patience to finish something. In fact, I knit a few sweaters in my teenage and during university studies, but later I preferred dynamics of real life. A week ago, something changed. I decided to knit my own socks!

After about 30 years I decided to go back to knitting and make something what I never even tried before! Thanks to internet, I quickly found the right offer of yarns and tutorials how to knit socks. But it was no longer the soothing atmosphere of Grandmother Sheep. It seemed more like scientific work.

Suddenly I wasn’t sure. Maybe I had waited too long. So I started slowly, on two needles only. Better to make more loops than less, so the socks wouldn’t be small. I used all possible precautions and patiently knit both socks while I kept in mind Grandmother Sheep again. And maybe because of that, my socks became giant in size, just like in the fairy tale.

Next time, I will have more courage and my socks will fit also into other place than only to bed. I hope it will be next time, because I am very disappointed right now.


2 thoughts on “Big challenge

  1. Don’t give up on knitting just yet, Ivana! Socks can be tricky! This is the best season to start knitting again. Keep at it, maybe a scarf will be easier.
    Like you I enjoyed knitting and story time as a child. I was lucky enough to grow up around 3 different story-telling knitters. 🙂 Great memories, I’m sure it inspired me to knit and I love doing so, working on a pair of fall-colored socks right now.

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    1. Thank you for ecouragement, Lydia! I was hungry for something like that 😊 I need a little break at the moment, but hopefully I will continue with knitting of socks, not scarf. I bought a beautiful yarn (yes, in fall colors too!), it would be shame to let it down. I am looking forward to see your socks! 😋 This will encourage me for sure. Thanks again, Lydia!

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