Keep smiling, show emotions!

Living in the virtual world is full of emoticons, and some of them are really weird! It’s easy to push the key on a keyboard and send the picture with a mood because nobody can watch your face and real emotions. Do we really laugh or love as much as the emoticons show?

I don’t have anything against emoticons! I’ve been using them since Windows had not yet existed, and we had to do it with alphanumeric characters only. It has always been a way how to make a cold computer communication more human.

However, it seems to me that we have already come to a strange extreme. We are using emoticons in the virtual world abundantly and often thoughtlessly, while in the real world we carefully hide emotions and, unfortunately, often even in front of ourselves. Are we giving so much effort to make computer communication more human, that we don’t have enough humanity or emotionality for the living outside the keyboard?

So I draw a picture to remind the importance of emotions, all kinds of them. Finally I have seen what I somehow know, that emotions are like water. They are deep and strong, flowing one to another, quietly or in turbulence, usually without warning.  And to survive as humans, we need emotions as much as water. Don’t you think so?

With love, Ivana


4 thoughts on “Keep smiling, show emotions!

  1. Beautiful post! Very insightful. I was just thinking yesterday as I was knitting about something similar. When I learned to sew when I was young, I was shown how to sew by my aunt and my home economics teacher. I have fond memories of them teaching me. As I sat and knitted, I couldn’t think of how I ever learned to knit. I learned by watching tutorials on the internet, not from any one person. I felt like, while I was fortunate to have the Internet to learn from, it was more impersonal and lacking the good memories you get when you have an “in person” teacher. The internet has changed lives in so many positive ways, but it will never replace interpersonal relationships.

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    1. Thank you for comment! I was lucky to learn knitting from my mom in childhood. It was so natural as breathing, and maybe that is why I do not knitt anymore. I am focusing much more on the matters I have learned as an adult with some effort. Does it make sense? 😋
      I must admit that my hands trembled with excitement when I read your post with fantastic socks today! I have never knitted socks! My grandma did, but she used 5 needles for it. You made them with two, right? You have many skills and I like to read you 😊

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  2. I made them on a flat bed knitting machine. A Silver Reed LK-150. It’s like hand knitting but with 150 needles at once instead of just two. I have knitted socks manually though with circular hand needles. It just goes too slow for me. 🙂 (no patience).

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