Sweet smile of Raspberry

Many of us love these beautiful and tasteful berries. You can find a huge amount of cute pictures and amazing recipes full of raspberries. So today, I focus on the Raspberry leaf instead.

The leaf of Red Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) doesn’t belong to major medicinal plants but it’s a very common source of herbal tea which can be safely used pretty often. I remember it was either raspberry or blackberry tea I tested first like a small girl during camping in forest. I was really surprised that tea did not need to be bought, but it could be prepared from leaves that grow everywhere and enough.

Since that time I’ve been drinking lots of different teas. Mostly I had periods – the period of black tea, the period of green tea, the period of fruit tea. Always the best of! Finally I returned to the little girl inside, and for many years I’ve been drinking only herbal teas, mostly from the herbs I gather myself.

Among other herbs, Raspberry leaf belongs to those I usually drink in blends just for taste, not for particular healing. But that doesn’t mean it has no healing effect! Raspberry leaf contains high amount of tannins, reasonable amount of antioxidants plus pectin, which is suitable for healing tissues. You can use it even for cosmetics purpose.

From the same reason (high amount of tannins) people use Raspberry leaf for fermentation, which is the process in which the ordinary herbal tea became a substitute of black tea. It might sound complicated, but the principle is very simple. Just take fresh raspberry leaves, rumple them, leave them 2-3 days in their own humidity and then quickly dry them in the oven or dryer. And it’s done!

I have to admit that I am not a big fan of the fermented tea. Maybe now it’s not exactly the period of mine. But recently I read the post from Katelyn how she made one. I became curious and wanted to try.

The process is really easy, the result tasteful. But I still don’t have the right period. Luckily I have friends and some of them are little bit tired of my always on table herbal tea. Now I can alternate and surprise them with new taste but stick with herbs.

What kind of tea do you prefer?

With love, Ivana


6 thoughts on “Sweet smile of Raspberry

  1. Nice tea post, Ivana. Like you I go through phases too. When I first tried fermented tea (Kombucha we call it here) I didn’t like it. Nine years later it is one of my favorite teas and I can’t get enough of it. For a gallon tea I will use one black tea bag and 3 fruity or herbal ones and so far it’s working very well. Maybe you’ll enjoy Kombucha when you try it next….? LOL

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  2. You’ll need a SCOBY, which is the mushroom that consists out of all sorts of good bacteria, etc. Often your kombucha drinking friends will part with one if you ask or buy one at a health food store. Once you have your Scoby, all you need is sugar and tea. 🙂

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  3. OK, thanks! Still I doubt about my courage 🙂 One more question. This SCOBY mushroom has to be placed into real tea? Black or green? Or can I also use my herbs? I have lot of them!


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