Intensive Beauty of Violet

Even if you really love winter and white snow, the first spring sunshine and the first tentative flowers must cheer your heart.

Among the spring flower pioneers Violet has unique position. It has a power immediately hit your nose by penetrating sweet aroma. Later you will see a beautiful green carpet with tiny violet flowers.

You can be so intoxicated by the scent of violets that you start to eat them. You will find that violets are delicious! I love to add them into spring fresh salads.

Violets intensive aroma has also healing effects. For those who are little bit depressive after long winter nights, violets bring light and sweetness into their minds.

But there is one important skill of violets which can be successfully used in whole year. As much as the scent of violets is pungent, the healing energy can penetrate through the skin and treat various problems like acne, eczema or hemorrhoids.

In that case Violet likes to cooperate with deep earthy ingredients like oak bark or chocolate.

I do love my lip balm “Violets in chocolate” so much!

What is your favorite use of violets?


2 thoughts on “Intensive Beauty of Violet

  1. Oh my! You are so creative. Violet Chocolate lip balm? How creative and it sounds so terrific. I am going to have to give that a try. Your artwork is so beautiful, and your articles are so well thought out and insightful. I love reading your blog! I am going to spend some time here this evening. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art and knowledge.


    1. Thanks a lot for all those compliments! It is nice to listen 🙂 Regarding the lip balm with violet I have used real flowers of violet, manually powdered and infused in hazelnut oil. Other ingredients: unrefined cocoa butter, almond butter and very small amount of beeswax to increase natural SPF. Actually I got it around 8. I believe you will create something amazing too!!! 🙂


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