True or False Chamomile?

Most of us met Chamomile since childhood. And often is Chamomile associated with children and prescribed for them. Why? Chamomile essential energy is gentle and soothing. It is a kind nanny telling us bedtime stories. It is always listening, never in a hurry. It takes us into the realm of dreams and fantasy. Chamomile rhythm is slow and full of patience. Adults call it sedative effects.

And so it can be used, inside or outside, wherever we need to calm what is irritated: stomach, intestine, eyes or skin. Chamomile loves to cooperate with water, for internal use like tea and infusion or bath for external application.

Books teach us how to distinguish the true from the false chamomile. Is it necessary? False Chamomile – it sounds like a dirty trick from the Creator. Never mind if it’s one or the other. Both have healing effects and both are the nannies for our children. Well, one has more power and experience than the other. But do we always need the most powerful sedative? Does it mean that our children are useless if they are not the strongest?

I would appreciate your true or false chamomile comments.


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